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Stackers and Destackers

General Overview

Our pallet stackers and destackers can be configured to work directly with your existing pallets. We offer custom design solutions to ensure we provide a robust and reliable solution for your system. Additionally, we design our solutions so that they can be used for stacking or destacking without changing setups.

Our standard units are designed to go with conveyer systems that handle between 0 and 2500 lbs of product. They are easily configurable/reconfigurable to accommodate any size pallet – standard applications for pallet sizes range from 12 to 96 inches. The unit’s framework and structure uses our extruded aluminum beams giving them maximum stability in their structure. T-slots extruded into the profiles allow easy attachment of guarding without drilling or tapping. Our aluminum framing is clear anodized; therefore, it will never rust or corrode and will never need painting.

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