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Tekno has been crafting manufacturing and processing solutions since 1987. Our customer first attitude and continuous innovation has allowed us to remain a leading manufacturer of full turn-key manufacturing and processing solutions. 

When given the opportunity to bring about a quality factory refresh for an automotive seat manufacturer, Tekno was prepared to bring an efficient new era to the company’s facility. 

The Challenge

The customer was challenged with employing a state-of-the-art facility from outdated equipment and processes. They had been operating from the same facility for over 20 years and were desperately ready for an upgrade in all arenas. 

Their dated equipment featured roller conveyors that aren’t in much use anymore. They wished to bring their facility into the 21st century with exceptional technology and modernized equipment. 

The Solution

With our team’s guidance and expertise, the company was able to formulate a transition from their outdated facility to a world-class manufacturing standard. Tekno worked with the customer’s team to design and install the new processes with Tekno equipment. 

We provided conveyor equipment as well as sound barriers for testing equipment. Additionally, we installed pallets and partnered with a trusted source for tooling needs. 

For the customer’s Manufacturing Execution System, Tekno aided the process so that work instructions could display on screen as pallets are coming down the line, providing an additional layer of efficiency not available before. 

Tekno’s equipment is standardized, therefore providing the ability to apply it in many ways to meet many needs. In this instance we were able to provide for all the needs of this customer’s new facility with very minimal customization requirements. The mechanical and electrical engineering on this project was well-within Tekno’s wheelhouse and we were confident and well-versed in the implementation of this kind of process.

The Result

Providing a successful product and process is instrumental in providing a first-rate facility. Tekno’s experience and ability to create a standardized system that still met the customer’s specific needs allowed for the smooth launch of a modern and efficient factory.

The launch of the new facility was extremely successful, resulting in minimal down time. The customer is now up and running a more efficient process on updated equipment that will last a long time. 

If the customer ever wishes to take advantage of Tekno’s standard equipment and expertise in the future, we will be there to provide them with the tools needed to help their facility thrive.

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