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Top-selling components all meet specific criteria that makes them great. As we’ve been serving the industry since 1987, we’ve heard it all.

The top questions we get from people who are in the process of choosing components are:

  1. Are they durable?
  2. Are they easy to work with?
  3. How much are they?
  4. Are they readily available?

Because of this, we wanted to create components that would meet the needs of our customers and help to ease the process of finding and incorporating the right components into their project(s).

We’ve created a concise list of top-selling components that have been designed to work in a variety of situations. This helps keep our customers from being overwhelmed and not knowing which components to select. Additionally, it ensures that the components offered on our site are also immediately available to our customers.

What Makes a Top-Selling Component?

There are a few things that can help one component (let’s say one 3x3 web bracket vs another) stand out above the rest.

There are, in fact, four criteria that we strongly believe make one component better than another:

  1. They must be made out of the right material
  2. They must be durable
  3. They must be easy to work with
  4. They must be readily available

If you’re able to find components that meet these criteria, then price is not an issue.

Components that last are an investment! When you invest in strong, durable, long-lasting components, you’re investing in your future – whether that’s a new project and you reuse components you’ve already purchased, or you just need the first project to last!

1. Why Material Matters

Finding components that are made of the right material matters more than any other criteria.

Whether you choose zinc-plated steel or aluminum extrusion components, it’s important that they’re made out of the right material for the purpose they will be used for.

In fact, this first criteria for quality components affects almost every other criteria.

For example, the type of material the component is made of typically affects durability or longevity. A bracket made of the wrong material won’t be strong enough to accomplish what you need it to do – or, worse, it will be too heavy and disturb the function of your project. You’ll find yourself right back at square one trying to find a bracket that will perform the way you need it to.

2. Why Components Should be Durable

The main reason we recommend choosing durable components is so that your projects will last the test of time... and weight.

No matter how you choose to use a given component, you should be able to trust that it will withstand a certain level of pressure or weight and accomplish the task at hand.

This is, once again, an investment in your future. If you find yourself purchasing components again and again, unable to recycle parts, then you might want to invest in some higher quality components.

3. Why They Should Be Easy to Work With

This criteria is just common sense. If you’re working with components that make your life more difficult, it’s time to find new options!

Anything that requires special tools or machining is too much of a hassle.

Find components that only require basic tools and are compatible with one another – trust us – it will make your life easier and will speed up any project that comes your way.

4. Why Top-Selling Components Should Be Readily Available

How many times have you painstakingly selected a component and designed it into your project, only to find out that it takes 6 weeks to deliver? This is not only frustrating, but it costs time and money to redesign and select another component. Finding components that are readily available are key to being able to execute your projects on time and pain-free.

Components that Sell Themselves

We work hard to create top-selling components that meet the needs of our customers – no matter what they might need!

After 30+ years in the industry, we’ve found that certain components consistently meet these criteria and consistently fly off the shelves.

These top components are:

By creating components that are durable, easy to use, and made out of materials that last we are able to help our customers save money and create projects that truly last.

If you need more information about our top-selling components or would like to talk to an expert about your project needs, click here to contact us! We’d love to hear from you and discover how we can help you complete a quality project on-time and within budget.


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