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Not all palletized conveyor systems are created equal. At Tekno, our palletized conveyor systems come equipped with a host of unique features that set them apart from traditional conveyor systems. 

Let’s take a closer look at three reasons our conveyors offer greater precision, customization, and quality. 

Modular in nature

Our conveyor systems are modular in nature, meaning that you can easily design the conveyor to suit your unique production needs. Individual modules include t-slotted extrusions, which allow for customization during initial design, or conveyor manipulation as your needs change. Our engineers can design our conveyors and automation with your vision in mind.

Specifically designed pallets

We offer a full line of standard pallets along with custom palletized programs that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Each of our pallets is designed with integrated RFID tags and a quick change tooling plate. Our skilled engineers and technicians can design, fabricate, build, and install pallets to meet your individual needs while maintaining standardization across your palletized conveyor system.

360-degree rotational movement and 90-degree detents allow a lower pass height of just 4” and also gives you plenty of room for tooling needs and the ability to return under your assembly line. 

Standardized Quality - Guaranteed

Satisfaction is a guarantee–all of our pallets come with a 3-year warranty. We are confident in the quality of our product.

All these features exist across our modular conveyor systems. Additional features include synchronous or non-synchronous, narrow or wide roller, and single level or over/under conveyors. Pallet speeds of 30 - 90 feet per minute and the ability to carry 50 - 750 lbs. loads also work to increase value, decrease downtime, and deliver to you long-lasting quality solutions.

Tekno’s unique palletized conveyor systems can provide you with the customization, specification, and efficiency you need to take production to the next level. 

Learn more about our Conveyor Pallets here or schedule a meeting today with one of our engineers to learn more about implementing our palletized conveyor system into your manufacturing system.

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