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At some point, you just need to get your product out the door. Our shipping methods are efficient and low cost. Our shipping solutions allow for ease of loading a trailer quickly and effectively, providing flexibility based on your shipping needs. Tekno’s Shipping Trailers are a full line of aluminum conveyors with an overall weight that is nearly half that of traditional steel conveyors. Tekno supplies conveyorized trailers for automatic loading and unloading of finished products.
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Designed to enable movement, packaging, and direct handling of any pallet – all at a large scale. Their purpose is to automatically ship products from the assembly line to the end customer. To do this, they combine several various types of conveyors and automation – like wide conveyors, elevators, rotates, and more.
Offer automated truck loading and unloading as well as dunnage handling.
Our wide roller chain is utilized in our powered shipping trailers. There are 2 and 3-level systems supplied with individual pallet lanes. Tekno can supply the entire unit turnkey (including the trailer shell) or can install conveyors into your existing trailer shells.

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