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Your company’s conveyor system is an essential part of what you do. As such, its performance is of utmost importance when it comes to the success of your business. At Tekno, we’re always looking to the future for ways we can improve industrial conveyor systems in a way that will change the industry as we know it. However, it’s not always realistic that you can afford to simply replace your entire system when something goes wrong.

We always seek to provide revolutionary solutions to conveyor system issues that keep you up at night. So here are three ways that you can enhance your conveyor system to keep your business functioning at its highest level.

Use Modular Components

As mentioned previously, the cost of upgrading or repairing your conveyor system can quickly become overwhelming. This is why Tekno specializes in modular conveyor systems. Tekno’s modularity accommodates changes and additions easier than other types of conveyors, along with faster repair for reduced downtime. 

Modular components also significantly contribute to making repairs faster and safer. Few things can throw off your production schedule more than having to shut down your line to make a repair. Our modular solution saves you time and money as those repairs are completed quickly and efficiently to get you back on schedule. We are so confident in our system’s abilities that we offer a full 3-year warranty–a unique feature in the industry! 

3D Simulation

In creating the perfect conveyor system for your facility, Tekno can utilize 3D simulation to provide you with the clearest picture of what your new facility can be. Simulation, at its simplest, is a way to problem solve and better your business and facility functions. Using the data within the simulation process, you can experiment to find ways to continue improving your workflows, facility processes, and more. Simulation is a powerful and valuable tool for your facility.

There are many ways simulation can improve your facility and conveyor solutions. First of all, they can pinpoint potential bottlenecks in your process. They can estimate actual takt time, throughput capacity, and the ROI of your investment before purchasing capital equipment. Finally, it allows for capital planning and creates a digital twin of the proposed system.

The video below gives a perfect example of this process and how it can benefit your company.

Flexibility Matters

Flexibility should be your #1 priority. Whether your building changes, your system changes, or even your product changes, Tekno offers conveyor automation solutions that give you ultimate flexibility and efficiency to increase productivity in your operations. Our systems allow you to move, stack, lift, transfer, locate, rotate, and stop your products with ease and convenience, no matter the location or distance.

Adapting each aspect of your conveyor system to your exact needs helps to make  your business more efficient. In a world with ever-changing needs, products, and technology, having flexibility can give you a major advantage over your competitors. 

Tekno offers industry-changing solutions for conveyor systems. Our modular conveyor systems, 3D simulations, and flexible automation solutions help your business save time and money while performing at a higher quality than ever. So talk with one of our engineers to learn more about how you can empower your conveyor system. 

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