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Here at Tekno, innovation has always been part of our DNA. Our modular conveyor systems have been game changers in our industry and set us apart from competitors. However, our greatest separator is our team of experts who can use common materials to design creative solutions to fit the various needs of our customers. One of those materials that we love to utilize is t-slotted aluminum components. 

T-slotted extrusions are some of the most versatile components available when designing items like ​​structural frameworks, supports, door and safety screen frames, and more. In this article, we’ll look at five creative ways to take advantage of t-slotted extrusions in your facility.

ASRS Racking

T-slotted extrusions are also used for our primary conveyor systems. Our industry-leading Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) enable you to increase your storage capacity and improve productivity. The ASRS solutions are tailored to your needs and allow you to automatically station and receive loads efficiently. Our ASRS Racking and Crane technologies are designed to increase the volume of your storage process by optimizing placement density and accuracy.

We offer ASRS Racking solutions to help maximize your storage space while increasing the overall speed of your storage process. Our ASRS racking solutions are customizable to your products, regardless of size and shape. This is made possible by the t-slotted design that uses nuts and bolts to hold the aluminum pieces together. Need to adjust your racking? This can easily be accomplished with t-slotted aluminum.

Tool storage

Without reliance on welding pieces together, t-slotted extrusions are a great material for building tool storage. As the tools your company uses grow, the equipment used to store them must change as well. These extrusions allow maximum flexibility when the need arises to adapt your storage. Also, if your storage ever needs to be moved, the t-slotted materials are easily disassembled and assembled.

TV/Screen Mounting

Your factory floor may need TV screens to show information and keep your production moving smoothly. Aluminum t-slotted extrusions can be a great way to install these screens while allowing room to adjust placement if your needs change. A variety of fasteners can be utilized to mount your screens or any other product. One of the most common fasteners is the t-nut. Did you ever play with K’nex building sets when you were a kid? Using aluminum t-slotted extrusions is a bit like the grown-up version of K’nex. Your imagination is often the real life of what you can create.


Could your facility use an easier walking path for employees due to the size of your conveyor systems? Walkovers are a great product that allows a safe pedestrian traverse of conveyors or creates virtually slip-proof operator platforms. T-slotted extrusions are the perfect component to create these walkovers. Not only is it cost and labor-efficient, but it’s also strong and lightweight, making it an adaptable material to support employees traveling the facility.

Fans and Heaters

You may have hot or cold equipment in your facility that requires a fan or heater. T-slotted aluminum can support this equipment and maintain the needed temperature of the environment. As a non-combustible material, these components are the perfect mounting material for this equipment. With so many organizations needing this equipment, it’s a major advantage that t-slotted aluminum is simple to package and ship.

These are just a few examples of how you can creatively use t-slotted aluminum in your facility. Our modular approach to conveyor systems influences our use of this material in many of the equipment we install. We offer creative solutions to meet your needs at Tekno. See what we did for this facility!

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