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What Is A Tekno Conveyer System Solution?

A Tekno Conveyor System is more than a conveyor. It is an automation platform that can be expanded, redeployed, or reconfigured throughout the life of the product. Our modular design ensures that you have maximum flexibility in system configuration to make the most of your automation investment. These modular components allow for easy maintenance access, minimal unexpected downtime, and less effort when maintenance is required.

3 Solutions. 1 System.

Our modular conveyor systems consist of three solutions. Our Assembly, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), and Shipping solutions can work independently or in tandem to create a unique system that has been adapted to each facility’s specific needs.

The beauty of Tekno’s conveyor systems is that their configuration is entirely adjustable. While our system components are standardized, each modular piece is adaptable to fit the design requirements of any facility. Learn more about our conveyor systems via our interactive solutions map below!

Solutions Map

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Solutions Map
Shipping Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems Assembly Components Conveyor Automation Conveyor Pallets


We can supply the entire unit turnkey (including the trailer shell) or can install conveyors into your existing trailer shells for automatic loading and unloading of finished products.

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Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Our ASRS solutions are tailored to your needs and give you the flexibility to automatically station and receive loads efficiently.

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We offer a broad range of modular conveyor system solutions including synchronous or non-synchronous, narrow or wide roller, and single-level or over/under that can be easily configured based on your operation.

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We have a variety of other offline equipment and components available to fit your unique application's needs. Our other equipment includes, but is not limited to: conveyor pallets, electrical and control equipment, conveyor overheads, LED lighting, walkovers, guarding, lift gates, custom assembly solutions, and more.

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Conveyor Automation

Our conveyor automation systems allow you to move, stack, lift, transfer, locate, rotate, and stop your products with ease.

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Conveyor Pallets

Our conveyor pallets provide your operations with ease and efficiency while working in tandem with your conveyor system. Our pallet solutions offer a large amount of features including Locating Bushings for precision location, integrated RFID tags, two-hand tilt release for safety, and many more.

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