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4-Hole Strap Nut w/ Set Screws


  • Four pre-tapped 5/16” holes accommodate Set Screws, Cap Screws, or Machine Screws for connecting beams and attachments.

Typical Use:

  • To mate and connect support beams in an end-to-end fashion when inserted into T-slots and fastened.
  • Can be used as a strap nut, a high-loading fastening method which allows for easy movement along the length of a T-slot. The strap nut can function in place of T-bolts and Double Square Nuts on Web Brackets, Corner Tab Brackets, etc. when a higher loading capacity is required. When used in this manner, the third and fourth pre-tapped holes, secured by Set Screws, can serve to further prevent slippage of the parts along the length of the T-slot.
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Mild Steel, Zinc Plated.


0.21 lb [0.10 kg]

CAD file: B060031100

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