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Our elevators easily raise, lower, or move pallets up, down, over, or under – wherever you need them. Capable of moving products up to 2200 lbs, these elevators are designed with a unique chain attachment method that eliminates master links. This means the chain is stronger, providing a high safety factor and requiring less maintenance. This also allows our elevators to operate at higher speeds.

In addition to their ability to manage higher speeds and lift heavier loads, our elevators come equipped with guarding and operating protection for added safety and come with electromagnetic brakes that hold the elevator in position when stopped. They can also be equipped with fall protection devices.

Our standard elevators carry pallet ranging in size from 12 to 96 inches and are designed to go with the conveyor systems that handle up to 2500 lbs of product. With vertical speed up to 200 fpm, our elevators help you increase your throughput.

Have unique conveyor automation needs? Our conveyors can be customized to your specifications.

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