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Overhead Structure

General Overview

Tekno’s overhead conveyor structure system can be designed to meet your specifications. The system has lighting to illuminate your product and make it easy for your operators to see. The overhead system’s wireway neatly and easily hides the wiring to keep a clean aesthetic appearance.

A typical overhead system includes a tool rail and tool trolleys to mount to your tool rail to provide a smooth guide for your tools to hang overhead. It can also include torque tool holders to mount your torque monitoring devices so it’s easy for the operator to see and reach. Operator instruction holders make it easy for your operators to view and reference their work instructions.

Air piping can be added to supply compressed air for your air-powered tools and devices.

Additionally, the overhead system can include an andon system that is tied into your PLC system to help you determine which operators need assistance and which ones are not keeping pace.

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