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Shipping Trailers

General Overview

Tekno’s Shipping Trailers are a full line of aluminum conveyors with an overall weight that is nearly half that of traditional steel conveyors. Tekno supplies conveyorized trailers for automatic loading and unloading of finished products.

Our wide roller chain is utilized in our powered shipping trailers. There are 2 and 3-level systems supplied with individual pallet lanes. Tekno can supply the entire unit turnkey (including the trailer shell) or can install conveyors into your existing trailer shells.

Three main components of our Shipping Trailers:

Positive Locking Stops: Most shipping trailers rely solely on the tractor’s compressed air for the operation of the stops. If air pressure is lost, the pallets holding the cargo are no longer held securely in place. Our shipping trailers circumvent this issue by incorporating a positive lock feature into our custom stops which virtually guarantees the security of pallets, even in the event that air pressure is lost. What this means is that if the stops ever fail due to lack of air pressure, they fall into the “locked” position, securing the load. The system is also outfitted with a manual override, in the event that the trailer should lose air pressure while loading/unloading.

Significant Weight Reduction: The use of our extruded aluminum support structure and conveyor beam results in an average total weight reduction of nearly 45 percent. This will avoid strict weight fees and is legal according to highway regulations/laws.

Positive Traction Capabilities: Our conveyors are capable of operating on a 5-degree incline, ideal for unlevel docks.

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