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Everyone knows that consistent, quality production is the key to success. Over time, however, inefficiency becomes unavoidable, as breakdowns and downtime lead to money lost and opportunities missed.

Many manufacturers believe they must reinvent the wheel to overcome inefficiencies and downtime. For more than 30 years, we have worked with hundreds of global manufacturing leaders to more easily increase value, decrease downtime, and deliver long-lasting quality solutions. Our approach is simple: modular equipment that is time-tested and proven.

While we apply these principles to all of our work, they hold true for one product in particular. Though our full turn-key system solutions have catalyzed customer success across many sectors of manufacturing, it is our modular palletized conveyor system that remains our core product today.

Non-Synchronous Palletized Conveyor Systems

A common manufacturing need is the ability to precisely control product flow while also allowing for product staging, accumulation, and storage. Specially engineered for non-synchronous pallet movement, our 2060 Non-Synchronous conveyors meet these needs and more. 

With a roller chain that contains free-spinning wheels, the 2060 conveyor chain provides a nearly zero-back pressure conveying surface, offering smooth and seamless directional change as well as an excellent system for accumulating or storing materials. 

Tailored toward assembly operations, our non-synchronous conveyors allow you to hold a pallet or product in a station without starting or stopping the conveyor; “held” units will not affect product flow downstream. 

An additional option to add a center drive allows for bidirectional movement, if preferred. Pallet speeds of 30 - 90 feet per minute and the ability to carry 50 - 500 lbs. loads round out the impressive specifications of our core product.

Synchronous Palletized Conveyor Systems

Manufacturing processes requiring consistent movement benefit from our 2060 Synchronous Conveyors. With many of the same great features as our non-synchronous conveyors, these systems move continuously at a speed based on station cycle times. Pallets can seamlessly transition between our non-synchronous and synchronous conveyors, allowing them to work together to meet your unique production needs.

Features to Customize Your Modular Palletized Conveyor System

The 2060 Conveyor System also includes a variety of other features that set it apart as the go-to customizable modular pallet conveyor system. 

As a modular system, it includes t-slotted extrusions to easily construct according to your unique needs. Greater width options also result from narrow rollers. You have the ability to design for your unique needs, and assembly equipment is included with your order.

A Conveyor System Built to Last

While customization is the initial key, we know that reliability is what matters in the long run. From debris-proof to guaranteed lubrication, our 2060 Conveyor System is built to last. 

The top surface of the conveyor beam slopes to either side, directing small screws and other debris down and away from the conveying surface to reduce jams and increase conveyor longevity.

Down below, the 2060 Conveyor System features molded-in-place chain clips to prevent foreign articles from entering the chain or conveyor. 

Any dirt and debris buildup can also be removed from the chain through a built-in blower system. Blowers are directed at optimal points of the chain to maximize debris removal and can be programmed to routinely blow off the chain.

Additional Features of the 2060 Conveyor System

For the past three decades, safety has been a paramount consideration in the construction of all of our products, and the 2060 Conveyor System is no exception. With a low driving force of 8-10 percent of the pallet weight, the 2060 is safe for operators to work on. 

Our product is quiet as well. The rollers, in combination with the smooth accumulating surface, reduce noise output while the conveyor is running. 

At Tekno, we are more than a manufacturer. We are also a team of professionals ready to serve you. Our engineers are always on hand and available to meet with you and your representatives. 

We invite you to schedule a one-on-one conversation to analyze your current layout, run-times, and bottlenecks. After listening to your needs, we can provide recommendations for implementation that are realistic based on our years of experience on the manufacturing floor.

From engineering and R&D to installation and integration, we are a one-stop shop to keep you at the top of your industry. We look forward to working with you to drive a new stage of success!

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