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When it comes to industrial conveyor systems, it can be challenging to know who to turn to when an issue arises. For example, suppose a section of your system is malfunctioning, or you need an entirely new system. In that case, many conveyor manufacturers can fulfill the latter but cannot provide a solution for the smaller-scale repair that the former requires without major hassle. Tekno provides a modular conveyor system solution. This approach allows companies to replace only the malfunctioning section of the system rather than overhauling the entire machine! Here are a few of the many Assembly line solutions that Tekno can offer to meet your unique needs.

2060 Over/Under Conveyor

These conveyors are designed to save floor space in your facility. With this product, you can build on the top section of the conveyor while the pallet returns to the lower section. It is designed for assembly and utilizes an accumulating chain used for non-synchronous conveyors, which allows a unit to be “held” without affecting product flow downstream. The 2060 Over/Under also features our screw shedding design which effectively directs screws and other debris away from the conveyor preventing jams and increasing the longevity of the conveyor. 

Shipping System

Our Shipping System for pallet conveyors is designed to enable movement, packaging, and direct handling of any pallet. The purpose is to ship products from the assembly line to the end customer automatically. Everything from wide conveyors to elevators is used in this process. This allows us to tailor our shipping solution to your specific production needs. 

Steel Tabletop Chain Conveyor

This conveyor is ideal for short distances or synchronous movement. Our Plastic Table Top is a durable, reliable, economical conveyor system that utilizes standard components and is available in multiple strands. It is also compatible with Tekno’s 2060 Non-Synchronous and Synchronous conveyors. From its 1//16 hex bore and built-in chain tensioner, the features can fit your production needs.

2060 Synchronous Conveyor

This industrial conveyor system moves continuously at a speed based on station cycle times. Its features include screw shedding, maintenance-free chain, chain cleaners, and more. The Synchronous conveyor allows for a slower speed setting, making its pace much more suitable for an operator to work on the product while it’s in motion. In addition, this conveyor works seamlessly with the Non-Synchronous conveyor, allowing them to work together to meet your unique needs.

2060 Non-Synchronous Conveyor

This conveyor is engineered explicitly for non-synchronous pallet movement and is meant for assembly operations. Its chain and materials are designed to give it a significantly longer life without needing repair or replacement. Among its features, perhaps its greatest is its flexibility, allowing it to fit into your workspace seamlessly. 

Each of these solutions is manufactured to be modular in its design. This means that if something ever malfunctions, you can purchase replacement segments through Tekno instead of having to replace the entire system. Our modular approach and product adaptability make us stand out from the competition.

We invite you to learn more about Tekno’s conveyor systems and how they can ease the process of handling and transporting equipment and applications. Talk to an engineer today to discover which of Tekno's Assembly Line offerings match your facility's needs!

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