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Our modular conveyor systems offer unmatched flexibility when it comes to product flow and movement. From easy access to the interior portion of your assembly line, to 360-degree product motion – our conveyors come with every feature you need to assemble and transport your product in a way that is uniquely efficient for you. 

Let’s take a look at ten applications of Tekno’s modular conveyor systems.

Over/Under Conveyor Systems

Trying to save floor space in your facility? Our Over/Under Conveyor System can help. The 2060 Over/Under allows you to build on the top section of the conveyor while the pallet returns via the lower section. Featuring an accumulating chain, the 2060 is a non-synchronous conveyor, allowing you to “hold” a unit at one station while not affecting product flow downstream.

Lift and Locate

Once the lift raises the pallet off of the conveyor, it is held in place while assembly occurs. Our Lift and Locate unit lifts with a pneumatic actuator, and offers greater precision by using hardened, tapered pins to interface with hardened bushings on the pallet. Completely independent of the conveyor system, the Lift and Locate unit can isolate a pallet and part from the conveyor for testing or assembly purposes.

Lift and Rotate

Lift and Rotate units, meanwhile, are designed for product movement. Available with up to 360-degree motion, Lift and Rotate units can both transition a product from one conveyor section to another, or re-orient a product for the next assembly process. The rotational motion is accomplished through the use of an electric-driven gearmotor. The lifting action is powered by a pneumatic air spring. Manual rotate actuation is also an option.

Lower and Locate

Lower and Locate units precisely lower and position pallets onto a fixed and stable platform, thus making them ideal for ground test applications, such as end-of-the-line testers.

Overhead Structures

Lift and Transfer units are used to transfer pallets between perpendicular conveyor sections. Our units are designed to be located between the conveyor chain beam so that they can lift a pallet off or onto the conveyor. The lifting action is powered by a pneumatic air spring and the pallet transfer is accomplished by a pair of gearmotor-driven table top chains. Their cast lift housings incorporate hardened steel guide rods and linear bearings to ensure both strength and durability.

Pallet Stops

Pallet Stops catch, hold, and release pallets in response to outputs from the system’s PLC. Each one is fitted with a shock absorber that cushions the impact force of the incoming pallet, bringing it to a smooth stop without any kickback. Our Decell Pallet capture feature and pneumatically powered stopping devices ensure consistent stop and hold.


Our Elevators easily move pallets up, down, over or under. Our unique chain attachment method eliminates master links, making it faster and stronger. The chain attachment method also provides the ability to move products up to 2,200 lbs. Built-in guarding and operating protection as well as electromagnetic brakes offer increased safety measures as well.

Lift Gate

Moving around and sometimes through your assembly line can be key. Our Lift Gates give you step-free access to the interior portion of your line. Our standard design is four feet, offering you easy pallet and cart clearance. We also offer counterweighted versions – which are ergonomically friendly – and versions with gas shocks. Our gates lock on both sides of the line for additional safety.


Our 2060 Synchronous Conveyors move continuously at a speed based on station cycle times. Through the addition of a traction strip, our Non-Synchronous Conveyor chain’s double speed feature is eliminated. Speed can also be reduced, allowing pallets to move at a pace suitable for an operator to work on a product while it is in continuous motion. Pallets can transition seamlessly between our Non-Synchronous and Synchronous Conveyors, allowing them to work together to meet your unique production needs.


Finally, our 2060 Non-Synchronous Conveyors can hold a pallet or product in a station without starting or stopping the conveyor. This allows the product to flow unaffected downstream.

Unmatched in quality and versatility, our Non-Synchronous Conveyors’ additional features include: chain lubricated for life, molded-in-place chain clips that eliminate entry of foreign articles, a screw-shedding design, and a built in blower system to remove dirt and debris from the chain. Our Non-Synchronous Conveyors are the ultimate way to add flexibility to your product flow design.

There are myriad ways to adjust your pallet conveyor system so that it works best for you. Efficiency is everything in the long run, and we are here to help. We invite you to explore our range of modular conveyor systems, and we look forward to helping you take your productivity to the next level.

Talk to our engineering team to discover how you can customize a Tekno conveyor system today!

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